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New Haven, CT
209 Universal Drive
North Haven, CT 06473
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Feet Hurt? Knees Hurt? Legs Hurt? Back Hurt?, Good Feet America's #1 Arch Support is the answer!
    Good Feet Stores New Haven! If your feet hurt, you have heel pain or you have back pain arch supports may be the answer. Good Feet New Haven is your Arch Support Store. Good Feet Arch Supports are worn by, approved by, and recommended by chiropractors, podiatrist and other doctors. Good Feet Arch Supports fit well in shoes, boots, and high heels. Proper arch supports can help with:
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Bunion Pain
    • Neuroma
    • Back Pain
    • Foot Pain
    • Heel Pain
   New Haven Good Feet now sells
Pedifix Foot Care Products ( click image below)

What you'll need when you come in.
Bring Shoes that you wear 80% of the time, such as:
  • Athletic Shoe
  • Dress or work shoe

Your 4-Arch System
  1. Inner Longitudinal Arch. This arch runs along the inside of your foot from the ball of your foot to your heel.
  2. Outer Longitudinal Arch. This arch absorbs the "roll" of the foot when you step.
  3. Transverse Arch. When you step, this arch is the first arch to make contact with the ground.
  4. Metatarsal Arch. This arch is formed by the five metatarsal "heads" across the ball of your foot.
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The Good Feet 3 Step Arch Support System
1. Most Supportive (classic)

2. Intermediate (Perfect for Dress Shoes)
3. Trainer (Relax your Feet)

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